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To activate this offer user will need to dial *6464# and the user also can send an SMS “GNO” to 6464. 16/11/2020 Zong Launches First and Fastest 4G Internet SIM. Equipped with modernised features, the fastest 4G Internet SIM can be used in different security systems used privately and commercially for 29/4/2019 Zong internet only SIMs are the best to give you 3G/4G LTE network on all smart devices e.g. tablets, smartphones and now get Double the Volume! 13/4/2020 Zong offers best weekly internet package Super Weekly max provides 10 GB internet, 5GB (4am – 4pm) and 15 GB Data for YouTube for 7 Days. The Consumer Price of Super Weekly max is only 299. The clients will get the enjoyment of the highest internet volume with Zong 4G. Super Weekly Max activation code is *220#.

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